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Weird Animal Facts by Cosmosnail

I’m a big fan of animals but only when they’re not shooting blood out of their eyes or eating me, just kidding that’s my favorite part about them. They’re even better when they’re big enough to ride into battle, which is something I’m constantly concerned about. Artist Cosmosnail drops some fun facts on you about a few of your favorite fauna, though I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be looking at deer the same way anymore.

Artist: Behance


Forgotten Boneyard by Tim Prince

99.9% of all creatures that have ever lived are dead. That’s a lot of bones buried beneath the surface world and most of them will never be accurately identified. Several dinosaurs have only ever existed due to improper skeleton assimilation, fitting the disparate joints together like a prehistoric jigsaw puzzle without the convenient cover photo to know what you’re making. Of course, it’s possible we actually got it right by accident. So it’s not a stretch to assume that the horrific amalgamations of the Forgotten Boneyard could, in fact, exist somewhere deep within the bedrock, crunching beneath our feet. Some of these pieces are available for purchase at etsy.

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