this is me?




I think it’s ridiculous that people use the “well your job really doesn’t deserve it” argument when it comes to the McDonalds wage strike/service industry employees demanding a livable wage.

Really, assholes?!

Can you stand on your feet for 8+ hours a day with only 30 minute breaks instead of a luscious hour that most high paying, corporate jobs let you have? Can you multitask things like handling phone calls, irate customers, delegating tasks to other employees, watching cook temps and fridge temps, trouble shooting major appliances in anyway you can before calling for a professional maintenance person to repair?

I don’t think any of these assholes actually realize what goes into a service industry job - that you are expected to be a  jack of all trades at times while being “on” and pleasing people regardless if you’re having a bad day, feeling ill, just got broken up with, etc.

I would love to see half these assholes attempt to work a service industry shift and fail and cry so they can go back to their desk jobs and Facebook all day.

*slow clap*

service industry jobs are not ”unskilled” labour !