this is me?

when the fuck is tumblr going to get on that block feature. im so tired of seeing friends being harrased by fuckin chasers and abusers and similar fuckin scumbags. 

fuck this bullshit, fuck letting harrassers continue with their bullshit. fucking do something about this tumblr. 

im watching golf highlights and i dont under stand anything
its just like

sportscaster1: ??????????golf????????putt????????????hole???

sportscaster2: ur right?????? sport????????????????????????

me: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Babies and College Students:

  • Ability to sleep anywhere
  • Random bouts of crying
  • Will try to eat almost anything
  • Enjoy watching cartoons
  • Known for their messiness
  • Brains are in a constant state of absorbing knowledge
  • Irregular sleep schedules
  • Often served bland mushy foods